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Maine Stories and Moon Musing. It's "All Things Considered" for the moon and short fiction about modern Maine life. Hosted by Jennifer Ellsworth. Episodes are produced on each New Moon and Full Moon.
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Oct 30, 2016

Episode 74—October 30, 2016

All Hallow's Eve is here, marking the time of year when it is kosher to connect with ghosts and spirits. Host Jennifer Ellsworth explores divination's relationship with intuition through tasseography, tea leaf reading. She also reads a letter to the editor imploring peace between politic's two sides, and reads a scary story inspired by Siv Widerberg's poem "Nightmare." The Boy returns to the Ogre. It's called "The Boy and the Scratch Man."

"...Once upon a time there was a boy who lived with his mother in a house on the edge of the woods. Perhaps you saw their house, when it was still there...." 

Moon Astrology: New Beaver Moon in Scorpio: look beneath the surface.

Can you read clouds? Our falling sky, and retrieving wishes. 

Oct 15, 2016

Episode 73—October 15, 2016

We are all hunters at heart, tracking desires and dreams. Today host Jennifer Ellsworth explores the trophies of that hunt through the history of taxidermy and its ability to transport us through time and space. She also compares hardcore hunters to yogis, and reads a short story where a woman harvests a piece of her home. It's called "Measuring Wall."

"...Madge hadn’t expected the house to sell so quickly. The realtor said it would take at least a year, and when she had blanched at that, he’d comforted her by saying, 'more likely three,' explaining that the market bubbled on the coast, but inland, in these rural towns, homes still sold the old fashioned way—with time and a new price every six months...." 

Moon Astrology: Full Hunters Moon in Aries: we are wildfire.

The origin of "stuffed animal," Action with a capital A, and hailing a chainsaw operator.  

Sep 29, 2016

Episode 72—September 30, 2016

Nearly everyday Earth has a close approach with an asteroid. Today host Jennifer Ellsworth explores how NASA scientists find these Near Earth Objects and what we plan to do with them. She also tells a true story about an ant-hunting dog, and reads a prose poem about shape note singing. It's called "#Blessed-Common Ground Country Fair Folk Arts Tent 2016."

"...I was there because I was supposed to be there, the next act on stage, following whatever this was, telling a story in the old way as the woman said, which to me just meant I’d rehearsed it out loud in my car on the way to the grocery store, my two boys a peanut gallery in the backseat, and while driving here, to the Fair, instead of listening to NPR..."

Moon Astrology: New Hunters Moon in Libra: Take only what you need.

Interplanetary gas stations, my dungy dog, and a hand shaking heart.

Sep 16, 2016

Episode 71—September 16, 2016

As the sun slips into the southern hemisphere, we welcome autumn and longer nights than days. Host Jennifer Ellsworth considers what to pack for this journey toward year's end. She also tells about midnight walks to Lake St. George, and concludes the short story "Jackson Pond Party Boat," where, after lunch, Melissa poses an interesting question to the quartet. 

"...Billy had made tuna fish sandwiches, but they were on shore. Ivan dragged the boat until Billy’s quadrant sunk into the mud. Tommy and Melissa widened their stances in their chairs, and Billy rose like a tightrope walker, determined not to flood the boat with his departure...."

Moon Astrology: Full Harvest Moon in Pisces: Dream on.

What do you take to bed?, tossing our wishes in, and star sailing.


Sep 1, 2016

Episode 70—September 1, 2016

A woman warrior is not usually the first image that comes to mind when you hear "virgin," but perhaps it should. Host Jennifer Ellsworth dissects the etymology of the word to reveal its ancient and surprising roots. She also interviews Belfast Maskers cofounder Diane Coller Wilson as she prepares to reclaim the stage in the Midcoast Actors Studio production of George Bernard Shaw's Arms and the Man, and reads part two of "Jackson Pond Party Boat," where Melissa and the two brothers write one another's obituaries.

...Melissa had brought a thirty pack of PBR, packed in ice. The first one she cracked open and set beside Ivan, who nodded and said, “Hmm.” She then handed beers to the brothers, and took one for herself. “Cheers, men,” she said. “Thanks for coming.”

Moon Astrology—New Harvest Moon in Virgo—the Universe provides.

"A kind of man," a forty-minute Medea, and a single-white-female.

Aug 18, 2016

Episode 69—August 18, 2016

Is there evidence of aliens? Today host Jennifer Ellsworth investigates stories of out-of-staters, and way-out-of-staters. She hashes out the details of Maine's most famous close encounter, the Allagash Alien Abduction of 1976, visits the Roswell UFO Museum, and reads part one of a short story about newcomers to Jackson. It's called "Jackson Pond Party Boat.

...The phone rang at 7 o’clock.

“Is this Money Bags #1 or #2?”

“This is Billy.”

“#1 then. The party boat is ready. Please come to the dock at 10. Bring dinner.”...

Moon Astrology: Full Grain Moon in Aquarius: We aren't so different.

Art students fishing, Alien Bagels, and Melissa's middle finger.

Aug 2, 2016

Episode 68—August 2, 2016

Today is the Wheel of the Year holiday Lammas. Host Jennifer Ellsworth explains how that means now is the time to plan for the future. She also lets you eavesdrop on her annual pilgrimage to Temple Heights Spiritual Camp in Northport for a psychic reading, and reads a poem about being present at her favorite swim hole. It's called "The Crew Today at Steven's Pond."

My goal is just get wet, be baptized and reborn

then get back to cook supper: quesidillas, beans, fruit salad,

I think, or will once this heat’s extinguished.

Moon Astrology: New Grain Moon in Leo: Be seen.

Sacred grain stories, a spiritual pep-talk, and lounging lions. 

Jul 19, 2016

Episode 67—July 19, 2016

There's a storm brewing. Today host Jennifer Ellsworth explains the science behind July's frequent thunder showers. She also explores how the appeal of lightning extends beyond the single strike into our lives. She tells a true story about a fast-driving friend, and a short story about a dangerous ride taken anyway. It's called "Velocity:"

..."Quickly Pete learned to say he didn’t remember anything. Not the impact. Not standing around after with bleeding ears shouting at Jonah Reynolds, the unfortunate first on the scene, that he hadn’t meant to..."

Moon Astrology: Full Thunder Moon in Capricorn: Slow and steady wins the race.

When particles collide, north of Orono, and a game of Chicken.

Jul 4, 2016

Episode 66—July 4, 2016

Want to learn America's fortune? Today host Jennifer Ellsworth examines the star chart for the United States—or tries to. She also tells about the last time she rode in the Brooks Fourth of July parade, intent on changing the world, and reads a poem about being stranded then saved. It's called "Ode to My Junky Car."

 After I’ve cursed my blue streak

and safely found the shoulder

it’s easy to diagnose: Dead.

Moon Astrology: New Thunder Moon in Cancer: Families gather together and roar. 

Ebenezer Sibley, tossed salad, and a friendly F-150.

Jun 20, 2016

Episode 65-June 20, 2016

It is officially summer! To mark the solstice, host Jennifer Ellsworth takes a beach read approach to today's episode. She shares entertaining trivia from the first moon landing, visits Josh Ard of Permanent Expressions Tattoo Studio in Belfast to hear about the silhouette tattooed on his back, and reads a story about our favorite waitress, Bets, from Bottoms Up, as she hosts a barbecue. It's called "Satiated."

"...How many is that?”

            Josh just shakes his head. He is knuckle-deep in his labradoodle’s coat searching for ticks. We warned him that Liberty was tick Mecca. My husband Steve and I have been coming out of the shower with our arms up since March to perform the tick check..."

Moon Astrology: Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius: Take your vacation.

Moon Communion, a hundred dollar tattoo, and Endurance.

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